Yoshi Today

Dear Yoshi,

I wrote this a couple months ago–before your sister was born.

In a couple weeks, you will be getting a new little sister, and you will no longer be my only baby. I want to capture this moment in time and preserve it. This is a portrait you today.


When I am out with you, the most likely comments that I hear about you are “she’s quite a character!” “she talks really well!” and “she’s tall.” You talk a lot. Your language developed earlier than what the “milestones” websites say. I logged your first 105 words. Your first word, besides Mama, was “Dance” which was more like “deeeee!”. That was 5-31-2010 at 9.5 months old. Your 100th word was “Bounce” on 3-6-2011 when you were 20 months old. Now, you narrate our lives for us with minute-by-minute play-by-plays. You are constantly asking questions like “Where did daddy go? What was that noise? What’s mommy doing?” Constantly. Right now, you are running circles around the coffee table. As you are running, you are saying “I’m running around!” “I’m running faster!” “I’m a kitty (kiki)! Meow!” “I’m doing kitty sound!”

Speaking of kitties, kitties are your favorite thing in this world. We don’t have cats but that doesn’t stop your love. You have multiple stuffed cats, cat books, littlest pet shop cats, valentines cards with cats, and more. Your two hands also become pretend cute baby kitties. Shadows on the wall become kitties. Chips and pieces of bread become kitties with a bite.


You have a great imagination. One of your favorite toys is a drumstick from your music set. It becomes many things throughout your play. It has been ice cream, diaper cream, microphone, shampoo, straw, sucker, and more.

You are very observant and notice everything. Even as a baby, we could see how thoughtful and observant you were. That has always been your papa’s favorite thing about you. If we make a small change in anything, you notice and comment. You see things I don’t notice. You also have a great memory about these details. You tell me about events, colors, phrases from weeks or months ago.

Along with noticing differences, you also like things to be a certain way. If a toy usually goes in one toy box, you refuse to put it in a different one. If my glasses are off or my hair is different, you demand I put my glasses on or change my hair. Each night, we must follow the same routine. You must sit in a certain place, and before we can start reading books before bed, you must go get your paci, your drink, your blanket, and your babies (usually you stuffed kitty–Marie from Aristocats). You must first tell us that you are going to get those items too..listing them matter of factly, like we didn’t know that you needed to get those things.

You are very sensitive, kind, and polite. You always say please, thank you, excuse me, sorry, and bless you. You ask permission before doing ANYTHING! You take things very personally and don’t understand if another kid is mean or aggressive with you. You don’t have a mean bone in your body.

You are such a beautiful and joyful girl. You are the light of my life, and I can’t wait to see how you change and grow as our family does.



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