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My Pretty Baby

Dear Zuzu,

Elizabeth Mitchell’s Who’s my pretty baby? is your favorite song for me to sing to you.  You grin ear to ear the whole time I sing.  It’s precious.




Swing No, Sweet Yoshi

Dear Yoshi,

Yoshi’s first swing, March 6, 2010, 8 months

One of your greatest joys in life is swinging. You would swing all day everyday if we let you. When we go to parks, you insist on swinging the entire time. You used to throw fits if we dared to suggest you play on other parts of the playground.

September 26, 2010, 14 months

To avoid drama, we try to avoid playgrounds with swings if we can help it. It’s kind of mean I guess, but we want you to enjoy yourself instead of have anxiety about swings the whole time. You like them TOO much, to the point that it makes you unhappy.

October 10, 2010, 15 months

We have a favorite park with no swings at a local elementary school. We go there almost every Saturday. The playgrounds are great, and there are shaded picnic tables good for feeding your sister. Across the field from the park is a pond and another play area that we have never visited.

Last Saturday, I decided we would walk down there and check out the pond to see if there were ducks. As we walked to the pond, I noticed the swingsets 100 or so yards away and panicked. Oh, crap. I knew if you saw them, our lovely Saturdays at this park would be ruined forever.

Lucky I saw them just in time. I artfully distracted you and turned us around before you saw them.

October 10, 2010, 15 months

I look forward to the day where you can make the swing go on your own!


Babyproofing with Yoshi

Dear Yoshi,

Some people would see this lapse in babyproofing as a reason to be worried their baby will access the poisonous cleaning supplies behind those doors.


I see it as a reason to worry that you are going to get upset because the latch is not applied correctly.

“Oh, no!! Fix it!! Need help!!”



I Sally. You Huckle.

Dear Yoshi,

Lately, you like to pretend we are characters from your favorite books and shows. These are your favorites.

Busytown Mysteries
Yoshi: Sally
Mommy: Sally or Huckle
Daddy: Huckle
Zuzu: Lowly


I think you call me Sally (or Sal) more often than Mommy these days!

Skippyjon Jones
Yoshi: Chihuahua
Mommy: Mama Junebug Jones
Daddy: Skippy
Zuzu: Jujubee

Yo Gabba Gabba
Yoshi: Foofa
Mommy: Tootee
Daddy: Muno
Zuzu: Plex or DJ Lance Rock, (you can’t decide so you go back and forth)

We think Zuzu should be Brobee, but you adamantly disagree.

Robin Hood
Yoshi: Maid Marian
Mommy: Robin Hood
Daddy: Prince John
Zuzu: Clucky

Mickey Mouse
Yoshi: Daisy Duck
Mommy: Minnie Mouse
Daddy: Mickey Mouse
Zuzu: Goofy

Zuzu usually has to be a boy, because it seems there are only 2 girl characters in most things we watch. Why is that?

Milo and Otis
Yoshi: Milo (“Mano”)
Mommy: Otis (“No-das”)

Dinosaur Train
Yoshi: Shiny
Mommy: Mrs. Pteranodon
Daddy: Mr. Pteranodon
Zuzu: Tiny

Nana and Papa are visiting. Papa is the Conductor, and Nana is Laura the Giganotosaurus.

Hello Kitty
Yoshi: Hello Kitty
Mommy: Hello Kitty
Daddy: Hello Kitty
Zuzu: Hello Kitty

“4 hallow kikis!”

You love watching Hello Kitty videos in other languages on YouTube. It’s weird, but you don’t seem to find it strange at all.


Sorry we lied to you.

Dear Yoshi,

I’m sorry we lied to you.

The “music truck” is not just a truck that goes around the neighborhood to play music for us. Those kids running to the truck aren’t going over there to dance and listen to the music.

I hope you’ll forgive us.


Two Months

Dear Zuzu,

On Monday, you had your two month doctor visit. You were a lovely, smiley baby for most of the visit.


You were 12lbs 10.5oz and 24.75″ long. You were in the 95th percentile for weight and head circumference, and you were off the charts for height. Tall like Daddy, Mommy, and Yoshi!

You didn’t like going through the office in nothing but a diaper to get weighed. You were embarrassed.


We got a prescription for Zantac, because the doc thought reflux may be the culprit behind your crying. You have been a bit better with the crying so we have waited to give it to you. We decided to give you your first dose this morning since you seemed to be hurting yesterday.

The doctor also said it looks like you may get teeth early. I can’t imagine you with teeth!


The verdict: You are practically perfect in every way.




Dear Yoshi,

Before you were born, your Dad and I had three cats (crazy, right?).  Whenever we would open a can of tuna, the cats would weave in and out of our legs hoping for a taste.  Whenever we would do any sort of exercising like yoga or kickboxing, the cats would think we were playing and would weave in and out of our legs.  Every time we wanted to take a step in both situations, a cat was there to trip over.

That’s what it is like with you when we are trying to get ready to leave in the morning.  This morning, we had our weekly playgroup.  I got you and Zuzu ready first, and then put Z down for a nap.  Then, I got ready.

As I moved about the house, you were constantly at my heels (or toes). 


As I made coffee, you saw Zuzu’s ultrasound picture on the fridge and told me the story of going to see Zuzu on the ultrasound (in OCTOBER–how do you remember these things??).  As I went back and forth from the sink to the coffee pot, you were there to trip over.

“You making coffee? You putting sugar in your coffee? You making oatmeal? What was that sound? Zuzu’s waking up?”

As I brushed my teeth, you stood an inch from me, telling me all about how Daddy brushes your teeth as you acted it out with your finger as a tooth brush.

As I put on deodorant, “you are putting that in your armpits. where did your armpits go?!”

“Where did daddy go? We going bye-bye? Where we going?”

As I chose clothes, you begged me to wear my flowers dress so we would both be wearing dresses.  You begged me to wear my flowers flip-flops to match your flowers flip-flops.  I put on a black sweater.  “Where’s your grey sweater?”

“Zuzu’s waking up?  Zuzu is coming too?  Where did daddy go?  What was that noise?”

Everywhere I stepped, you blocked my path.  You were seriously slowing me down.  For the first few minutes, I tolerate it okay, and say “Excuse me, Yoshi.”    Then, I sent you on errands across the house just to get you away for just a minute. The cost of the clean q-tips I sent with you to the trash were worth the second of peace it provided me.

“I not take my water.  I leave my water here.  I take my kiki.  Oh, here we go. What was that sound?”

By the time we are ready to go, I’m ready to call it quits and stay home.  Even though we were late,  I took a deep breath and headed out the door. There’s never a dull moment with you!



P.S. No, you can’t have a cat.