You’re killing me, Smalls!

Dear Lovely Children,

As you probably have figured out by now, I have control issues. It seems to run in my family; so you probably do too. Sorry about that. This week (well and last week too), I have lost all control. You two girls are giving me a run for my money.


Zuzu, you have been crying all the time. All. The. Time. You have been waking up extra at night as well. Normally, I can put you back on the breast for comfort and that will calm you down, but that hasn’t been working. The only thing that always works is to put you in the moby wrap and walk around the house. I thought maybe you weren’t getting enough to eat, so I put you on the scale. I usually weigh you once a week to see if you are gaining enough weight with breastfeeding (See? Control issues). Well, it turns out you ARE getting plenty to eat, and you are going through a growth spurt! I should have guessed that from the waking up extra plus I have been unbelievably starving the last few days. You gained 5.5 ounces in 3 days. I was so happy to have an explanation, and this diagnosis gives me hope for an end to the madness. You do look way bigger now. You are turning into a squishy baby instead of a scrawny purple newborn. You are still giving me lots of smiles despite all the fussing, especially in the middle of the night. I hope you stop crying so much soon, for both of our sakes! In other news, you fell off the couch yesterday. Oops.


Yoshi, you can be very demanding. When you want something, you want it “RIGHT NOW!” The other day after coming home from the park, you started spewing forth a chain of commands. As soon as we pulled into the driveway coming home, this is what I heard: “take off my shoes, please. leave my socks on. change my diaper, please. me “wanta-needa” wipes. me “wanta-needa” desitin. where’d my daddy go, mom? you want to change my diaper, mom. I want ice in my water. my nose is itch. me “wanta-needa” tissue. you want to get baby zoey out of her seat. turn the light on, mom.” All that repeatedly before I even had a chance to do one of those things. “Just a minute” and “be patient” don’t mean anything to you right now! 🙂 At least you say please (even if it is followed immediately by “RIGHT NOW”! You are also being potty trained this week, but I’m saving that for another letter.

I am supposed to take the two of you on a 7-hour road trip on Saturday for a weeklong visit to both sets of grandparents, your aunts, uncles, and cousins, and your great-grandma. I’m considering canceling and staying home. It may be too much to handle right now! You two are clearly in control.

I love you,


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