Headlines don’t sell papes.

Dear Yoshi,

Sometimes you and I play this game where we shorten words to their first syllable and laugh. Mommy becomes Mom. Yoshi becomes Yosh. Kitty becomes “Keek.”


I don’t know if you do this because of the game or if we started the game because you do this, but you often shorten words. This morning, you were talking about a “diap” (diaper) and yesterday you said “peep on the pot (pee pee on the potty). It reminds me of one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid called Newsies. “Headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.” Part of me worries this will become a bad habit to break, but mostly I find it funny. I think that’s why you do it. It almost always gets a laugh.

“This is for the newsies!”



3 responses to “Headlines don’t sell papes.

  1. OMG I love love love Newsies so much! I remember every word of it!!! You, me, and a DVD player!

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