Fee are Siam.

Dear Yoshi,

Last week, we went to the mall for dinner and to walk around (your little sister wouldn’t stop crying so I thought a mall walk in the moby wrap would help her calm down). Do malls still exist when you are reading this? Hmm.

You were being especially whiny because we went to a mall with no play area. To keep you happy, we kept telling you that after we eat, we’ll take you to a toy kitty store. You have a pretend kitty store you go to all the time at home, so you were thrilled at this prospect. You talked all through dinner asking to go to this kitty store.

After dinner, we headed to the Disney store. Your favorite movies right now are the Disney movies from the 60s and 70s: The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, and Robin Hood. You love the part of Lady and the Tramp with the Siamese cats. You often sing the song when you are playing. “Fee are Siam weave don’t peas” (“we are Siamese if you don’t please”).

We went in, and you went right past the princess stuff (yay!) and headed straight for the stuffed animals. We showed you the stuffed Siamese cats from Lady in the Tramp and the little Maries from Aristocats (you have a big one at home). Calmly, you went back and forth to each shelf. You would pick up the kitty, look at it, and put it back. Then, you’d do the same thing to the other kitty. Occasionally, Simba from Lion King would enter the mix. You were so calm we thought you were bored, so we left to the other toy story across the way. The minute we entered the new store, you started begging to go back to the “Fee are Siam kiki store” even after seeing a giant Hello Kitty display. We went back, and you continued your routine until we made you leave.

For the next few days, you asked repeatedly to go back to the “Fee are Siam Kiki store.”

You’re funny.



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