Toddler Stream of Consciousness

Dear Yoshi,

I just asked you to go get me the remote. This is what happened. I took notes.


Yoshi: “Me want to watch Dinosaur Train.”

Me: “okay, will you please get me the remote?”

Yoshi: “okay!”

Heads to get remote, but finds a strip of paper from the sticky part of an envelope on the way

“It’s a band-aid for me! It’s tape! I fix your broken chair.”

Puts strip of paper on chair.

“You sit on this chair yesterday. We eat pizza yesterday. Daddy put tape on Yoshi’s dress yesterday.”

“Jingle bells! You sing jingle bells?”

We sing two rounds of jingle bells together.

“Fix the table!”

Removes strip of paper and puts it on table.

“Oh, here we go! Now it’s fixed now. Fix the remote!”

Removes strip of paper from table and puts on remote.

“It’s broken now! Now, here we go!”

Hands me remote


Took you a minute, but you got there.



One response to “Toddler Stream of Consciousness

  1. What an imagination you have Yoshi. Great things are in store for you. You will never be bored. Love you bunches, Nana

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