Zuzu 2 – Yoshi 0

Dear Zuzu,

I know what it is like to be a little sister to a big sister. You always feel like you have to live up to the legacy of your big sister. There is a lot of competition. I want to tell you that you are awesome just the way you are. I also want to let you know that in a couple ways, you have Yoshi beat already. I, of course, as your mom, love you both and hope not to do too much comparing of you too as you age. But, as a little sister, I understand that you may find a certain satisfaction in the following information.

First, you smiled for the first time at least 3 weeks before Yoshi did. Her early smiles were hard to get, but you are quick to smile.

On Sunday, you rolled over for the first time from tummy to back. Well, you have rolled over before, but it was on the couch (onto the floor…) or on the bed. Those are soft surfaces and don’t count. You were on the floor this time, so it was legit. Unfortunately you were alone in the living room when you did it, and we didn’t see it happen. Your grandma says you are the strongest baby ever and has been saying that since you were first born. You are 8 weeks old. Your sister, on the other hand didn’t roll over until 3.5 months, which is a normal time for this skill.

First Rollover!
(Picture after your first rollover – 3/6/2012)

So Proud
(Yoshi after her first rollover – 10/25/2009)

Maybe your first rollover was a fluke, but you are welcome to use this in any future arguments with your sister as you wish.

Just leave me out of it.



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