I Sally. You Huckle.

Dear Yoshi,

Lately, you like to pretend we are characters from your favorite books and shows. These are your favorites.

Busytown Mysteries
Yoshi: Sally
Mommy: Sally or Huckle
Daddy: Huckle
Zuzu: Lowly


I think you call me Sally (or Sal) more often than Mommy these days!

Skippyjon Jones
Yoshi: Chihuahua
Mommy: Mama Junebug Jones
Daddy: Skippy
Zuzu: Jujubee

Yo Gabba Gabba
Yoshi: Foofa
Mommy: Tootee
Daddy: Muno
Zuzu: Plex or DJ Lance Rock, (you can’t decide so you go back and forth)

We think Zuzu should be Brobee, but you adamantly disagree.

Robin Hood
Yoshi: Maid Marian
Mommy: Robin Hood
Daddy: Prince John
Zuzu: Clucky

Mickey Mouse
Yoshi: Daisy Duck
Mommy: Minnie Mouse
Daddy: Mickey Mouse
Zuzu: Goofy

Zuzu usually has to be a boy, because it seems there are only 2 girl characters in most things we watch. Why is that?

Milo and Otis
Yoshi: Milo (“Mano”)
Mommy: Otis (“No-das”)

Dinosaur Train
Yoshi: Shiny
Mommy: Mrs. Pteranodon
Daddy: Mr. Pteranodon
Zuzu: Tiny

Nana and Papa are visiting. Papa is the Conductor, and Nana is Laura the Giganotosaurus.

Hello Kitty
Yoshi: Hello Kitty
Mommy: Hello Kitty
Daddy: Hello Kitty
Zuzu: Hello Kitty

“4 hallow kikis!”

You love watching Hello Kitty videos in other languages on YouTube. It’s weird, but you don’t seem to find it strange at all.



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