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Yoshi’s First Dentist Visit

Dear Yoshi,

On May 25, 2012, you had your first visit to the dentist. You did AWESOME. You had x-rays, an exam, and a small cleaning. I waited a couple weeks, and then I asked you to tell me about your dentist visit to see what you remembered. I had to keep prompting for more detail. This is what you said.

    There were 2 chairs.
    There were toys next to the window.
    There was a tiger.
    There was a giraffe, too.
    There was a man, too.
    You sick? Your mouth is hurt?
    I play on your phone.
    I open my mouth.
    I bite meow, no out. (Me: “You bit down?”) Yeah, I bite down.
    There was a picture of my teeth.
    They brush my teeth with a brush? NOOO! A TOOTHbrush!

That’s all I could get out of you. Every time I ask you about the dentist now you say, “I don’t want to talk about that!”

The tiger, giraffe, and man were sculptures in the window of the “sell your gold” store next door.

Here are the pics.

First Trip to Dentist!First Trip to Dentist!First Trip to Dentist!First Trip to Dentist!First Trip to Dentist!

Dentist, a set on Flickr.



We all are tall.

Dear Yoshi and Zuzu,


If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’re tall. I’m tall. Daddy’s really tall. You girls are tall. We all are tall.

Looking at Giraffes with Friends
Yoshi is only 3 months older than her friend in the middle and 7 months older than her pal on the right.

You’re beautiful the way you are, but I understand what it’s like to be a tall kid. Until about the 7th grade, I was always the tallest kid in class. I feel your pain.

    For all the pants that are just a little too short, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the shirts that are just a little too short, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the uncomfortable knees pushed into the backs of seats, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the cute boys that are shorter than you, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the high heels that make you even taller, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the comments from strangers saying you should play basketball, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the people who tell you how tall you are like you don’t already know, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the cute shoes not available in your size, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the shorts that don’t meet the dress code, Daughters I am sorry.

    For all the future shopping trips where you bicker incessantly with your mom, Daughters I am sorry.

Zuzu, I think you may end up taller than Yoshi. Right now, you are super long and lean. We are already having trouble with your clothes pulling a bit, and yesterday we realized your swaddle blanket is too short, but too big on top. It’s the largest size they make so we switched brands. The other brand has one that’s long enough but it’s WAY too big on top. We tried a couple work-arounds, but they didn’t work out.

photo.JPG Swaddling fail

Fortunately, it will all work out in the end. When you hit middle school, all the boys will grow taller. When you hit adulthood, no one cares anymore. Short people will tell you how jealous they are of you then.

Enjoy your view from above!


What’s me pink bunny?

Dear Yoshi,

Your grandparents recently gave Zuzu a bunny lovey which we randomly named Veronica. In the stye of You Huckle I Sally, this conversation happens at least once per day.

You: What’s me pink bunny?
Me: Veronica
You: What’s you pink bunny?
Me: Veronica
You: What’s daddy pink bunny?
Me: Veronica
You: What’s Zuzu pink bunny?
Me: Veronica
You: We all bunnies!


Tell me about daddy.

Dear Yoshi,

Wearing Daddy's hat
Wearing Daddy’s Hat

Today is Father’s Day. To prepare, I decided I would ask you to tell me about daddy. Then, I thought I would write it out and give it to your dad. This is how the conversation went.

Me: Yoshi, tell me about Daddy.
You: He was eating kitty whiskers.
Me: What do you like to play with daddy?
You: I don’t want to, because I don’t want to!

Uh, that didn’t work. Sorry, Daddy.


Three Months

Dear Zuzu,

You are now three months old!

You like:

  • smiling. You smile easily and with your whole face.
  • DSC_4651

  • your sister. You light up and calm down when you see her.
  • (embedded video)

  • your mom and dad, of course. You especially like the one who isn’t holding you at the moment.
  • baths and swimming pools. You laugh when we wash your face and neck. You laugh when put in the pool.
  • photo.JPG

    (embedded video)

  • sitting at the table in your bumbo at meals–or sitting in the bumbo anytime really.
  • photo.JPG

  • eating your hands.
  • (embedded video)

  • sleeping in your swing. We still can’t get you to sleep consistently in your bed.
  • looking in the mirror.
  • photo.JPG

  • listening to music in the car, especially by women singers with strong loud voices (ie. Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash). You calm instantly when loud music plays.
  • You are so cute!


    12 weeks and 3 days

    Dear Zuzu,

    Today, you are 12 weeks old and 3 days old! This is a little emotional for me, because your sister Yoshi was 12 weeks and 3 days old when I went back to work full-time and put her in day care. 12 weeks was also when she switched to formula instead of my milk.

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that I get to be home with you every day. I hated being away from your sister each day knowing that she was not where she needed to be. Before I had kids, I NEVER thought I would be one to want to be a stay at home mom, but it took just a few days of summer vacation (after 8 months of full time day care) with Yoshi to realize that I had to be home with her. I found a job working from home so I could do it!


    You are just too delightful and too new for me to miss a second! I am also so proud we have made it this long nursing. With Yoshi, she both breastfed and got pumped milk for 6 weeks, and then I exclusively pumped for 6 weeks. It was rough. You are a pro-nurser and won’t even take a bottle if we try. This makes me so happy!

    I am so in love with you and can’t wait to see what’s next for us!


    Sparkle: The Paci Fairy

    Dear Yoshi,

    You have slept with a pacifier every night and nap for the last (almost) 3 years. As your third birthday approaches, we have been preparing you for the removal of the paci. We decided to have the “paci fairy” come visit. She was scheduled to come in a couple weeks after you got used to your new “big girl bed.” The paci fairy takes your paci, cleans it up, and takes it to the new babies in the hospital. She leaves you a present in place of the paci.

    Well, she came earlier than scheduled last night when your dad and I couldn’t find your one and only paci. We searched high and low and then determined that it must have been the paci fairy who came and got the paci. We brought out a fairy doll we bought for the occasion and told you the paci was gone, but now you have this cool fairy doll, named Sparkle, to play with instead. You loved the doll, but asked for your paci still.

    You took it pretty bad at first. You cried on and off for a couple hours. We had to do lots of cuddles and hugs, but you eventually fell asleep for the night without waking up crying for the paci. I was pretty impressed. You woke up today in a great mood with no mention of the paci.


    While you were eating breakfast I went back to your room to get something for Zuzu, and guess what I saw? Your paci. Sitting right in the middle of the room in plain sight sitting on the floor next to a toy of about the same color.


    The paci fairy works in mysterious ways.