Sparkle: The Paci Fairy

Dear Yoshi,

You have slept with a pacifier every night and nap for the last (almost) 3 years. As your third birthday approaches, we have been preparing you for the removal of the paci. We decided to have the “paci fairy” come visit. She was scheduled to come in a couple weeks after you got used to your new “big girl bed.” The paci fairy takes your paci, cleans it up, and takes it to the new babies in the hospital. She leaves you a present in place of the paci.

Well, she came earlier than scheduled last night when your dad and I couldn’t find your one and only paci. We searched high and low and then determined that it must have been the paci fairy who came and got the paci. We brought out a fairy doll we bought for the occasion and told you the paci was gone, but now you have this cool fairy doll, named Sparkle, to play with instead. You loved the doll, but asked for your paci still.

You took it pretty bad at first. You cried on and off for a couple hours. We had to do lots of cuddles and hugs, but you eventually fell asleep for the night without waking up crying for the paci. I was pretty impressed. You woke up today in a great mood with no mention of the paci.


While you were eating breakfast I went back to your room to get something for Zuzu, and guess what I saw? Your paci. Sitting right in the middle of the room in plain sight sitting on the floor next to a toy of about the same color.


The paci fairy works in mysterious ways.



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