Three Months

Dear Zuzu,

You are now three months old!

You like:

  • smiling. You smile easily and with your whole face.
  • DSC_4651

  • your sister. You light up and calm down when you see her.
  • (embedded video)

  • your mom and dad, of course. You especially like the one who isn’t holding you at the moment.
  • baths and swimming pools. You laugh when we wash your face and neck. You laugh when put in the pool.
  • photo.JPG

    (embedded video)

  • sitting at the table in your bumbo at meals–or sitting in the bumbo anytime really.
  • photo.JPG

  • eating your hands.
  • (embedded video)

  • sleeping in your swing. We still can’t get you to sleep consistently in your bed.
  • looking in the mirror.
  • photo.JPG

  • listening to music in the car, especially by women singers with strong loud voices (ie. Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash). You calm instantly when loud music plays.
  • You are so cute!



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