Monthly Archives: July 2012


Dear Yoshi,

You just asked for a snack of “cereal bar.” I said “yes, you can have a “see-ba-ba.”

More and more, your language is changing away from mispronounced cute baby words to clear and understandable words. It makes us sad. We want to hold on to your babyhood tightly as it slips away.

Usually we say all words correctly, but some of your words hold a special place in our hearts. We will fight to keep “fetch-etch” (sandwich) and “boosh” (Grinch) for as long as we can.

Please, just humor us.



Life is but a dream.

Dear Zuzu,

Last night, during one of my many short 30-minute to one hour stretches of sleep, I had a dream that I kept falling asleep during a move. Every time I was woken up, I was made to disassemble and then reassemble my bed like a puzzle. Each time in the dream, I was shocked and frustrated that only a few minutes had passed between wakes.

Sounds familiar. Please let me sleep tonight.