Don’t believe the hype.

Dear Zuzu,

Over the last few weeks, we’ve offered you bites of food here and there (banana, acorn squash, plum, rice cereal) with no interest from you. This changed on Thursday when we decided to give into the rice cereal hype with the hope that maybe you would sleep longer with a belly full of rice. Your grandma had given us a box of white rice cereal, so we decided to try again. Mistake #1.

You LOVED it. You were super excited and eager to eat. It was super cute. I was excited and gave you a little second serving since I hadn’t made much to begin with. Mistake #2.

Turtle face

This was about 8:30pm. Mistake #3.

All was well and good, and I was optimistic about the night ahead. Fast forward to 3am when you woke up soaking wet and cold. You had vomited everywhere, pooped some not normal color, and your neck was covered in a bright red scary rash which eventually turned all weird and crusty. After you woke up, you threw up again. (In other news, babies are gross).

You were not interested in nursing, so I changed your swaddle, cleaned you up, and put you back to sleep.

You can kind of see the rash in this picture.

The next day you slept a ton, and I gave you a little benedryl to combat the rash. It took another 4 days before you were back to normal. You had 3 rough nights waking up constantly ever hour to two hours. You weren’t napping during the day unless on me. And you were crying inconsolably way more than usual. Your diapers were unpleasant. The whole thing was really scary.

We never gave Yoshi this kind of rice cereal. We gave her organic brown rice cereal, mixed whole grain cereal, and oatmeal. Many people recommend rice cereal as a first food because it is the least allergenic! I was shocked that you would be allergic to rice cereal. After this whole episode, I looked at the box and noticed all the crap in it, including soybean oil. Ridiculous. I have tons of homemade baby food in the freezer for you that I have been making over the last month, but I went with what was easy. Lesson learned.

The next food I give you will be homemade, given to you in the morning, and in a very small portion to start! I’m sorry you had to go through that. 😦



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