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Like Father, Like Daughter

Dear Yoshi,

When your dad and I first started dating (about 12 years ago!), we went to Palo Duro Canyon for an afternoon of a picnic and hiking. We brought fried chicken as we always did when I was growing up (now that I am older, it seems weird that we would take fried chicken…) and sat down at some picnic tables. The meal was cut way short by your dad freaking out by all the bees and other bugs flying around his food. I think we ate the rest of the meal in the car, with me severely annoyed.

You, my dear, are just like your dad.

It’s October now–by far the best month in Dallas. The weather is beautiful, and I just want to be outside enjoying the quiet, sipping a nice drink, and feeling the breeze. I have taken you and your sister on several impromptu picnics over the last few weeks. One day, we went to White Rock Lake and sat at a picnic table by the lake. It was lovely for the 5 minutes we lasted before you couldn’t take the bugs any longer.

We also enjoyed a short stint at the park yesterday where dozens of orange butterflies fluttered about. Anytime any one of them would come anywhere near you, you screamed loud and long as if you were being chased by a man with a knife. I couldn’t help but laugh, but it was sad that you didn’t do any playing at the park because of butterflies (and birds and a very small, very terrifying chihuahua).


There are killer butterflies among us.


Today, we went to a Sonic restaurant with a park for lunch. You were completely freaked out by the birds. (Although I kind of understand today… those birds seemed shifty and were eying Zuzu’s cracker a little too carefully, and it probably doesn’t help that your dad taught you that birds are descendants of dinosaurs.). You spent most of the time close to me at the picnic table instead of enjoying the playground because a bird was perched on the stairs of the play structure.

This is nothing new though. Check out this video of you freaking out by a [dead] fly on the table just after your second birthday. Side note: you love watching this video and act it out regularly. You will all of a sudden go “TWO nighty night nighty night dooooo-eeeeeeeee.” Also, this is one of the cutest videos ever taken.

“Bye bye budge.”