Storytime with Yoshi

Yoshi’s Stories Transcribed
from the prompt, “Tell me a story.”
3.5 years old


“The kitty was funny and it sleeped and then it woked up and played at the friends and she got up and got closer and then the doggy said woof woof and that’s happy and got closer to kitty’s room. The end!”

“And they tooked the light home so they can wake up. And last night they waked up and they had a great time. The end!”

“It’s called the kitty on the doggy boat. The doggy boat is fun and wee! wee! here it goes!”

“A jellyfish did lots kings (“things”) today. The end!”

“The dinosaur says ‘rawr rawr rawr!’ and it kicks everybody. Then it fell and put a bandaid on. He gets tired.”


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