15 minutes with Gecko

Dear Yoshi,

Yesterday, we talked about geckos for 15 minutes. No, we weren’t trying to save 15% on car insurance; you were trying to make sense of them to calm your fears.

It all started when we were leaving your Nana and Papa’s house after Easter dinner. You and Nana were discussing geckos on the way to the car.

This sent you into a tailspin of questions in the car on the way home.

Are the geckos at our house?
Are the geckos at their (Nana and Papa) house?
What are the geckos doing?
Will the geckos be at our house when we get home? Will they? WILL THEY?

There were more; I wish I would have written them down.

We explained how geckos are nice and helpful and help us by eating the buggies. We explained that gecko families live outside, and we don’t know their schedule so we can’t predict when they will or will not be at our house.

We talked about them half of the ride home until we turned up the music loud to distract you with your favorite kitty songs.

When we got home, your dad opened your car door and got you out of the car. You screamed, cried, and grabbed the handle in the car as he was pulling you out. You pulled yourself back in the car, terrified. We had to work to get you out of the car and into the house. Thankfully the porch was gecko-free when we got home.

It took 5 minutes or so at home before you calmed down.

This morning, you sang us a song called “I love geckos.”




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