Another Somebody

Dear Yoshi,

You have a quirk and have had it for a year or so maybe (I don’t remember when it started). There are some names you just won’t say. We can’t figure out any sort of pattern. Sometimes we think it is because you don’t like a person, but we know that is not the case most of the time. We think it arises out of shyness or self-consciousness.


For the longest time, you would not say Nana, Papa, Grandma, or Grandpa even though it was clear you loved them all. When we would take you over to your Nana and Papa’s house, you would call it going to “Another Somebody’s House.” Now, you will say Nana and Grandma, but not the others. When you say Grandma now, you say it in almost a sweet, embarrassed-like way.

With your friends, there are a couple you won’t say. Yesterday, you wanted to tell me about the clothes your friend D was wearing. You called her “another kind of friend” even though you know her name and see her and play with her every week (and you used to say her name!). There are others you won’t say as well, and others you call B’s little baby brother, K’s little baby brother, etc.

You do the same thing with characters on TV shows. You watch a lot of the show Busytown Mysteries. You will not say Hilda. We know you like the character as you sometime will sleep with your Hilda stuffed toy. You also won’t say any of the La La Loopsey character names. One of the characters is named Pillow, and you won’t say it even though you have no trouble saying pillow in the context of the pillow you sleep on. Lastly, you used to not say La La Loopsey. You would say “I want to watch a show.” Then, I would say “which one?” Then you would say “I don’t know.” Then, I would say “La la loopsey?” And you would say “Yes.”

I have no idea.




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