Zuzu at 15 months

Dear Zuzu,

This is you at 15 months.


At your 15 months doctor visit, you were 34.25 inches long and 29.3 lbs.

You are still as smiley as you have ever been. Just looking at you or saying hi to you gets us the biggest, widest, sweetest smile. When we bring out the phone to take your picture, you immediately say “Cheeese!” and smile a big, teethy grin.

You are so delightful, and you find the world to be so delightful and interesting.

You are still a hardcore Mommy’s girl. And, you are super cuddly which I love.

You are learning to talk, and you can already say at least 40 words. The words you say the most are Mommy, cheese, water (“wadoo”), milk (“mult”), shoes, thank you (“da doo”) and book (“boot”).

You love to count things. When there are multiple of the same thing, you point to each saying “two tee two tee two tee”.

You are more social so far than the rest of us in the family. You haven’t yet had any phases of stranger anxiety or fear.

Your favorite thing to do is to climb up on to something like a step stool, a small box, a book, etc. and then intentionally dive off of it onto the ground.

You will play with anything and have fun with it. Your favorite toys are probably your blocks.

You have a bit of an obsession with shoes. You carry them around, talk about them, and try to put them on.

You also love books. It is great fun to point at things.


You do some animal noises. You do dog, cat, monkey, chicken, lion, and elephant, although most animals elicit a little growl instead of the correct noise. This is really our fault for not teaching them to you. We’ve been lazy on the animal-sound front.

You LOVE your sister, and your sister loves you even more. You guys love to play together. It’s really wonderful. You love to try to sing along with her songs by making some of the sounds from the songs.


Okay, I am sure I am missing something, but you are crying because you need a diaper change.





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