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Zooby Zoobs

Dear Zuzu,

These are your many nicknames.


Baby Zoey
Baby Z
Baby Zo
Zo Zo
Zooby Zoob
Zooby Zoobs
Zoober Zoob
Zo zee

Your dad and I have a problem.

Also, we spelled your name with a Y so people wouldn’t call you Zo.



Zuzu at 8.5 months.

Dear Zuzu,

Here’s some random things about you at 8.5 months.

  • You LOVE to eat. Seriously love. It took us a while to get your interested in food, but once you got into it you never looked back. You quickly realized that purees were no good and that feeding yourself finger food is where it’s at. You’ve eaten the following finger foods: cheerios, bread/rolls, tortillas, pasta, pancakes, crackers, several types of beans, apple, banana, avocado, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut and acorn squash, persimmon, zucchini, chicken, turkey, ham, eggs, strawberries, blueberries, scones, shredded cheddar cheese, peaches, mandarin oranges, pears, yogurt melts, baby puffs, and mashed potatoes. You love just about all food we have given you with the exception of the zucchini, mashed potatoes, and black beans. You seem most excited about bananas, carrots, green beans, persimmon, cheddar, and chicken. You are still nursing like a champ!
  • You are a busy, grabby, kicky, bouncy, busy little girl. We had to start strapping you to the changing table because you couldn’t lay still long enough to change your diaper. It’s like wrestling a pig. Changing your diaper takes about three times as long as it should. When being held, you like to lunge at things.
  • You love to crawl, and you are just starting to pull to stand. You can pull up on low things and are working on pulling to stand on higher things like the couch and coffee table. You don’t really understand standing just yet. One foot is usually turned upside down somehow. You’ll figure it out soon! You have also just figured out that you have the ability to visit other rooms. We have introduced baby gates into our house because of this!First pull to stand!
  • You have two teeth on bottom and one tooth has broken through barely on top. There are two others also making their way in on the top. They have really been bothering you the last few days.
  • You laugh and smile so easily. I can get you to laugh more in a day than your sister did in her first year probably. We find you just as delightful as you find the world!
  • You just started dancing. When music is played, you start bouncing. When your favorite song comes on, Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I, you start bouncing, waving your arms, and squealing. That song used to be the only thing that would calm you down, but you don’t cry much anymore. Now, we put it on to make you and your sister smile.
  • Your favorite toys are anything new really, that you have never seen before. You also like sticks of any kind (you take after your sister there; she also loves sticks), and rubber animals to chew on, balls. You like anything you can put in your mouth and are less interesting in the noisy electronic toys. You also love your sister’s little figurines. We have to watch you with those, since they can become a choking hazard.
  • You are sleeping much better than you used to, thankfully. You sleep from about 8pm to about 5:30am, then you go to sleep until 8-9:30am. You take two naps, one in the late morning and one in the late afternoon.
  • I am still your favorite. Me picking you up will usually solve all problems. Me walking by you when someone else is holding you makes you cry. If I am going to leave the room, I have to wait until you aren’t looking at me, or you will start to cry.
  • You LOVE your sister. You like to play with her, and often you think she is playing with you when she is not. It keeps you entertained. She loves you too. She likes to pretend she is you, and she crawls around with you. We catch her giving you little hugs while playing. It’s very sweet. I hope you grow up to love eachother as much as you do now.
  • I’m guessing you weigh around 22-23 lbs. You are in 18month clothes.
  • You were an owl for Halloween. You didn’t really like your costume, so it didn’t stay on long.
  • Okay, that’s all I got right now. You’re an awesome baby.


5 Haikus for Zu

Dear Zuzu,

I wrote you some haiku poems last night.


Creeping through quiet
with bated breath I slink by
Kick loud toy. Of course.

sweetly snoozing girl
hand tangled up in my shirt
What are you dreaming

Playing with my dad
Laughing smiling it’s so fun
Oops saw mom, I’m done

tiny burst of light
Joy erupts like solar flare
You are my sunshine

waking nursing through the night
then it starts again


Don’t believe the hype.

Dear Zuzu,

Over the last few weeks, we’ve offered you bites of food here and there (banana, acorn squash, plum, rice cereal) with no interest from you. This changed on Thursday when we decided to give into the rice cereal hype with the hope that maybe you would sleep longer with a belly full of rice. Your grandma had given us a box of white rice cereal, so we decided to try again. Mistake #1.

You LOVED it. You were super excited and eager to eat. It was super cute. I was excited and gave you a little second serving since I hadn’t made much to begin with. Mistake #2.

Turtle face

This was about 8:30pm. Mistake #3.

All was well and good, and I was optimistic about the night ahead. Fast forward to 3am when you woke up soaking wet and cold. You had vomited everywhere, pooped some not normal color, and your neck was covered in a bright red scary rash which eventually turned all weird and crusty. After you woke up, you threw up again. (In other news, babies are gross).

You were not interested in nursing, so I changed your swaddle, cleaned you up, and put you back to sleep.

You can kind of see the rash in this picture.

The next day you slept a ton, and I gave you a little benedryl to combat the rash. It took another 4 days before you were back to normal. You had 3 rough nights waking up constantly ever hour to two hours. You weren’t napping during the day unless on me. And you were crying inconsolably way more than usual. Your diapers were unpleasant. The whole thing was really scary.

We never gave Yoshi this kind of rice cereal. We gave her organic brown rice cereal, mixed whole grain cereal, and oatmeal. Many people recommend rice cereal as a first food because it is the least allergenic! I was shocked that you would be allergic to rice cereal. After this whole episode, I looked at the box and noticed all the crap in it, including soybean oil. Ridiculous. I have tons of homemade baby food in the freezer for you that I have been making over the last month, but I went with what was easy. Lesson learned.

The next food I give you will be homemade, given to you in the morning, and in a very small portion to start! I’m sorry you had to go through that. 😦


Life is but a dream.

Dear Zuzu,

Last night, during one of my many short 30-minute to one hour stretches of sleep, I had a dream that I kept falling asleep during a move. Every time I was woken up, I was made to disassemble and then reassemble my bed like a puzzle. Each time in the dream, I was shocked and frustrated that only a few minutes had passed between wakes.

Sounds familiar. Please let me sleep tonight.


Three Months

Dear Zuzu,

You are now three months old!

You like:

  • smiling. You smile easily and with your whole face.
  • DSC_4651

  • your sister. You light up and calm down when you see her.
  • (embedded video)

  • your mom and dad, of course. You especially like the one who isn’t holding you at the moment.
  • baths and swimming pools. You laugh when we wash your face and neck. You laugh when put in the pool.
  • photo.JPG

    (embedded video)

  • sitting at the table in your bumbo at meals–or sitting in the bumbo anytime really.
  • photo.JPG

  • eating your hands.
  • (embedded video)

  • sleeping in your swing. We still can’t get you to sleep consistently in your bed.
  • looking in the mirror.
  • photo.JPG

  • listening to music in the car, especially by women singers with strong loud voices (ie. Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash). You calm instantly when loud music plays.
  • You are so cute!


    12 weeks and 3 days

    Dear Zuzu,

    Today, you are 12 weeks old and 3 days old! This is a little emotional for me, because your sister Yoshi was 12 weeks and 3 days old when I went back to work full-time and put her in day care. 12 weeks was also when she switched to formula instead of my milk.

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that I get to be home with you every day. I hated being away from your sister each day knowing that she was not where she needed to be. Before I had kids, I NEVER thought I would be one to want to be a stay at home mom, but it took just a few days of summer vacation (after 8 months of full time day care) with Yoshi to realize that I had to be home with her. I found a job working from home so I could do it!


    You are just too delightful and too new for me to miss a second! I am also so proud we have made it this long nursing. With Yoshi, she both breastfed and got pumped milk for 6 weeks, and then I exclusively pumped for 6 weeks. It was rough. You are a pro-nurser and won’t even take a bottle if we try. This makes me so happy!

    I am so in love with you and can’t wait to see what’s next for us!